• Flight Training Organization

  • It is the aim of every defence organization to have capable and proficient pilots joining their ranks after initial training, and ready to proceed to training on the operational aircraft they will be assigned to fly. Developing the skills required of a military pilot is becoming more complex and expensive as increasingly sophisticated systems are introduced into today’s modern aircraft.  In addition, the world’s unpredictable geo-political and security environment results in an ever growing assortment of mission parameters that future military pilots will need to be prepared to operate in.

    CAE offers a comprehensive flight training organization (FTO) and all the required ab-initio training required to produce highly qualified and proficient military pilots in an efficient, safe and timely manner. The ab-initio training we provide includes academic classroom training as well as simulation-based and live flying instruction so new pilots can acquire the theory, knowledge and skills required.   As a global training systems integrator (TSI), CAE delivers a blended approach to training future military pilots that prepares them to advance to an operational conversion unit (OCU) and ultimately the combat aircraft they will be assigned to operate.

  • NATO Flying Training in Canada (NFTC)

    Since October 2015, CAE has been the prime contractor responsible for the NATO Flying Training in Canada (NFTC) program that produces qualified military pilots for defence customers. The NFTC program significantly enhances CAE's core capabilities as a global training systems integrator (TSI), and expands its offering into support for live flying training of future military pilots, including next-generation fighter pilots, for the Royal Canadian Air Force and its allies...  

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